I Didn’t Choose the Bald Life, the Bald Life Chose Me

By June 5, 2017Hair Health

Hey Dads, Are You Feeling Like a Bald Eagle?

It is still June, which is reason enough to focus each day this month specifically on you, right? All you fathers out there should continue to pamper yourselves while you can. If you are currently experiencing hair loss, we have some effective solutions for you.

  1. Hormone and Nutrition Evaluation: The first step before determining a treatment for your hair loss is to determine the cause. You can come into Doctor’s Studio to have your individual hormones and nutrition patterns assessed. Each person experiences hair loss for different reasons. For example, it could be hereditary, or it could be a result of a nutrient deficiency. After you are assessed, we will figure out which type of test is needed to determine your specific cause.
  2. Studio Scalp Procedure: After your cause is discovered, one solution you may be offered is the Studio Scalp treatment. If a non-surgical, simple in office procedure that takes less than an hour sounds appealing, this could be just the right treatment for you! The Studio Scalp procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma and compounded nutrients that are injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.
  3. Laser Light Therapy (LLT): This is another option to consider when determining what treatment option best fits you. LLT creates better breathing cells for the hair follicles to function better and new hair to grow. The LaserCap LCPRO is an FDA-approved medical device that prevents further hair loss and promotes new hair growth. Not so long ago, the only option for LLT was to sit under laser lights at your doctor’s office. Today more people prefer this treatment because you can purchase a device and use it at home. The device is small enough to fit under a baseball cap, so the convenience factor is definitely a plus. You can purchase one right at Doctor’s Studio!
  4. Medication: There are a few medications that can help with hair loss. The first is called FinPlus. Compounded Finasteride FinPlus contains a blend of organic herbs and nutrients that are given in the form of an oral capsule. Another medication that can be taken for hair loss is called Compounded Formula 82M. This is a rogaine and minoxidil alternative, which means it is a topical prescription that absorbs quickly and does not leave grease in the hair. The last medication option is called Formula 82F “Finoxidill”. This is also a non-grease topical prescription, but it includes some FDA-approved hair growth medications that Formula 82M does not.

Happy Father’s Day to all of those deserving Father’s out there! We hope you are having a great month filled with much appreciation. If you are experiencing hair loss, come into Doctor’s Studio today; we are here to help!

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