Are You Bathing Suit Ready?

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is ready to spend their days soaking up the sun! The only thing that could make summer better is having your ideal summer body. Doctors Studio offers a variety of aesthetic procedures that will make you feel confident and happy about your body.

The Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift combines the science of PRP to stimulate unipotent stem cells and the artful skill of a trained physician to deliver a custom-designed procedure that not only creates a more youthful contour and enhanced volume but also improves skin quality and restores nipple sensitivity.

How Does It Work?

First, volume is added in all the right places. Then, polishing and refining steps of the sculpting process are completed using platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP ultimately contributes to the appearance of younger-looking breasts, improving skin quality, color, texture and sensitivity.

What Can the Vampire Breast Lift Do for You?

Tired, worn or droopy are not the words you want to use to describe your breasts. As you age, however, the lively rosy hue observed in younger women of every skin color fades, classically turning to a dull shade of gray.

The Vampire Breast Lift can do the following:

  • Change the skin color back to a youthful rosy hue by promoting underlying blood flow
  • Create a more plump and full shape, increasing collagen and greater potential for development of muscle tissue
  • Transform the skin to have a smoother and softer texture
  • Cause the nipples to become more sensitive, pert and fully colored
  • Restore nipple sensitivity lost in breast augmentation with one treatment

Dr. Roy specializes in designing a treatment plan using a variety of products that deliver results and lasting benefits. Along with the Vampire Breast Lift, we have programs that can help you with managing your weight. Programs, such as Studio Detox and Studio Lean can help you slim down to the summer body you desire.

If you are someone that is not necessarily concerned with managing your weight, but you dislike getting in your swimsuit due to unwanted cellulite, stretch marks, etc., we have other options that may be for you. Dr. Roy can treat these areas by tightening and contouring your body, leaving you with healthier, younger-looking skin.

Everything form the Vampire Breast Lift, weight management programs and body contouring procedures, can help you feel confident in your swimsuit. Check out Doctor’s Studio website today to read more about how you can get your body looking great this summer.

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