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“Dr. Roy offers a proven science based approach to resolving sexual issues” ~ Bill S.

Jim and Gayle’s Story

Jim and Gayle have been married for 30 years. Sexual challenges and a clear lack of vitality are what brought them to Doctors Studio. Following the program that Dr. Roy designed for them has brought them closer than ever.

“The changes we have experienced have benefited every aspect of our lives; intimacy between us, the relationship with our kids and how we feel about ourselves. Finding Doctors Studio and following the program is one of the best investments we have ever made.” ~ Jim P.



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“Finally, a doctor who I can really talk to with a let’s think outside the box attitude. Dr. Roy and her staff were delightful. I’m expecting good improvement after taking her advice. Dr. Roy is very knowledgeable and a pleasure.”


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After going through the ordeal of breast cancer treatment 14 years ago, I was unable to have intercourse with my husband. He thought it was his fault.

But now, I am now better than ever! And we are enjoying each other again!

Gabi A.South Florida

I have been to see Dr. Roy at the Dr's Studio for numerous things medically and aesthetically. I've been under her care for functional medicine for the past 12 months, I did her detox program the first part of this year. Dr. Roy has a spectacular approach to wellness, she spends time explaining things and truly cares about her patients. The office staff is always friendly and professional. I'm 46 years young thanks to Dr. Roy, I haven't felt better in years.

Deana ClarkBoca Raton

I first met Dr. Roy at the end of 2014 before she opened her new office. My hair was thinning and she immediately knew what to do and my hair grew back. 1/2 years later I realize I needed help and called her office, her staff are very nice and go out of their way to help. I met with Dr. Roy for a procedure and have my consultation appointment scheduled. I am so excited to be working with Dr. Roy and know that my health is going to improve and there is already a difference after one visit.

Kathleen Phillips